Bed Bugs


Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are human parasites since they (mostly) feed on human blood. Adult bed bugs are reddish – brown in color. They range in size from 1mm – 7mm. If they haven’t eaten, they will be flat oval in shape like an apple seed. You can tell they have fed on someone’s blood recently if they are inflated like a balloon, and are unusually long. 

Nymphs (younger stages of bed bugs) will be smaller, translucent and whitish-yellow in color. Bed bugs do not fly or jump. They crawl and can be fast when they want to be. 

Bed bugs plus eggs under a couch in Marysville, Michigan.

Bed bugs are active mostly at night. During the daytime, they prefer to hide close to where we sleep, rest or sit for long periods of time. Overall bed bugs want to be as lazy as possible. It is not uncommon for hungry bed bugs to feed at any time of the day depending on our sleep schedule.

Bed bugs are not a sign of dirtiness. Bed bugs are not picky of who or what they hitch a ride on. They are looking for the perfect conditions for them. Access to a regular blood meal and temperatures in a range of 70-80 F. They don’t care of they’re going back to a million dollar house on the water in Fort Gratiot or a small downtown apartment in Port Huron, Michigan.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

As bed bugs grow they molt five times shedding their outer exoskeleton before becoming an adult. A blood meal is needed between each stage. Adult females must feed to lay their eggs. After they mate, females lay oval white eggs about 1/16″ long in cracks and crevices. Usually, the eggs will hatch in 6-10 days to newly emerging nymphs. Females can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.

Adult bed bugs can survive up to a year without a blood meal as younger nymphs can only survive for days to months. This makes them unique compared to other insects.

Bed Bug Bites

Unlike fleas that like to bite mostly on your feet, ankles, and legs bed bugs feed on any skin exposed while sleeping. It is common to find sets of 3 bites more in a zig-zag pattern. After having their blood meal, they retreat to a secluded location to digest their meal.

Many people develop an itchy red welt within a day or so of a bed bug bite. Everyone’s reaction is different, and symptom after being bitten vary from person to person. Some people do not react at all. Other times the reaction is delayed for days.

Studies suggest about 30% of people do not react even when bitten repeatedly over time.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs

Bed bugs often arise from nowhere. In most cases, our clients are not entirely sure how they got them. Bed bugs usually enter your home hitchhiking a ride on luggage, used furniture, backpacks, purses, on someone’s clothing.

Unfortunately, you can pick up bed bugs almost anywhere. You can get bed bugs from everyday locations from public transportation to movie theaters, and of course hotels and motels. Even just visiting a family member or friends house. Alternatively, a friend, co-workers or family member stopping by that has them.

Where located in Port Huron, Michigan and the most common is picking up used items off the street or traveling and bringing them back with you in your luggage.

An Adult Bed bug found in a dresser in Port Huron, Michigan

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