Pharaoh Ants


Pharaoh ants are very small and don’t exceed 2mm. Their bodies are light
yellow with black and red markings on their abdomen, and their thorax is
usually the darkest part.


They’re able to nest in a variety of places, especially indoors.

They can be found nesting in walls, behind baseboards, sheets, refrigerated
insulation, hollows of curtain rods, cabinet voids, or anywhere dark that has
a consistent temperature and is hidden/well protected.

This is why they’re a huge problem among hospitals, restaurants, motels, etc.
because they take advantage of the heating during colder weather.

During warmer times of the year, they can be found in gardens or the lawn.


They like a variety of foods, but mainly sweets.

They will also eat other insects.
Some Facts: (You don’t have to include this)

Can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Their colonies can contain millions of workers and thousands of queens.